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Capstone project investigating how to improve not just what we eat, but also why and how we eat. How might we encourage people to sit and enjoy meals together with a focus on food and each other, rather than the myriad distractions and interruptions of modern life? 

Food is a reflection of its environment, deeply tied to time, place, and culture. As such it is the perfect medium through which to study and understand the world. The EatBook series uses food at a platform to engage, educate, and entertain. Fun and interesting content helps families take a needed break from their busy lives to enjoy the moment and each other.

History: Why are IPAs so hoppy, and what do they have to do with India?
Geography: Why are tropical cuisines replete with spices and heat?
Science: How does yeast work compared to chemical leaveners?
Holidays: How did common holiday foods come to be?

Make it Personal

EatBook content is a springboard to meaningful conversations about your own family’s experiences, thoughts, and perspectives, bringing you closer together.