Writing Samples

Selected posts written for Gap International's ThinkGrowth Blog to provoke thinking about how we can constantly challenges ourselves and our own way of thinking in order to bring out our best performance. An emphasis on using science and research to understand the limits of our minds.

The Grand Illusion

Our view of the world is not the only view, and therefore also not the right view.

Questions Are The Answer

When solving a problem we are trained to look for the answer, as if there is only one. When you keep looking past the first good answer, you can start to find the really great ones.

The Fallacy of Can't

You can’t know that you can’t do something.  It’s just not possible.

When More Isn't

How to add more value by taking things away.

The Future Doesn't Exist Yet

Are you predicting the future, or are you inventing it?

Practice Makes Perfect, But What Are You Perfecting?

Practice doesn’t discriminate between desirable and undesirable skills; it simply helps you get better at whatever you do.

Attending To Our Attention

We ‘pay’ attention, just like we ‘pay’ our bills. That verb is a subtle linguistic hint that we relate to our attention much like we relate to our money: as a precious commodity to be spent carefully, on the things that need it most.